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Well, "Pollyanna" was in the lead, but I want to write something....crossover-y. So you know what that means? Tell me which pony you want to see travel with the Doctor in the TARDIS! 

8 deviants said Rainbow Dash
5 deviants said Pinkie Pie
1 deviant said Fluttershy


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Joseph Noblit
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United States
If you are wondering, the deviant ID is of myself (right) with Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. Here's a bigger, non-cropped picture:

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.

Servbot #014815


*(Not true, but I do try to get art up everyday)

- Pencil Artist (not that great at that)
- Trying to learn GIMP
- Gamer
- Pokemon fan
- Otaku
- College Student
- Brony
- Nerd
- Not perfect in the least
- Enjoys a cup of tea every so often
- Enjoys comedy, horror, sci-fi, and all other types of genres
- Geek
- Member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (also known as Mormon)
- Born in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
- Former Boy Scout, with the rank of Eagle
- Supports LGBT movements (some of my best friends fall in these categories)
- Favorite Anime characters, in this order: Yotsuba from Yotsuba&!, Kirino from Bamboo Blade, Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro, Snoozer from Hamtaro, Kagami from Lucky Star, Ritsu from K-ON!
- Plays guitar and bass among other instruments (trombone, flute, drums, various percussion, and piano to name a few)
- Writes all types of genres
- Ska enthusiast
- Believes Magneto was right
- Majored in history and secondary education in college
- Proudly watches My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
- Draws requests for free
- Listens to a vast amount of music (Currently at 67 Gigs worth, and still growing)
- Favorite Pokemon go in this order: Teddiursa, Squirtle, Ralts, Munchlax, Absol, Celebi
- Former Cosplayer
- Favorite Five Ponies are (and in order): Applebloom, Rarity, 80s Cheerilee, Twilight Sparkle, Doctor Whooves
- Favorite Meme is: Sweetie Belle Derelle
- If you watch me or fav any of my deviations, I will thank you personally, regardless if you want me to or not Okay, since it has become really taxing to do this lately, I would still like you all to know my gratitude for faving, watching, and everything.
- Enjoys singing (and I would say I'm not that bad, though I can't hit the high note in Boston's "More Than A Feeling" or Freddie's super high note in Queen and Bowie's "Under Pressure") Account:…
Twitter: (Don't use it all that much)
Current Residence: SoCal
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Ska, Metal, Classic Hip-Hop, Punk, Electronica, Alternative, Reggae, Jazz, really just about anything save a few certain artists I loath.
Operating System: Mac, Windows, and Linux
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: "Und wir sind dann Helden, gerade fr einen tag."

Well, I'm back from San Fran and BabsCon and despite a number of hiccups, it was an absolute epic convention and super enjoyable.

The panel I was on went spectacular and we had some great feedback with our turn out. We discussed on how fan-fiction could be viewed as legitimate art and writing despite the negative reputation it has with it.

Speaking of panels, I went to the 'Bronies: Anaylsis of the Fandom and Gender" and it was absolutely fantastic and it was great to hear what Prof. Sam Miller had to say about it. In fact, we had an amazing discussion between ourselves in line for our badges on Thursday. At the panel, he touched on how the MLP show and fandom is viewed by others and how we, the fans, feel about our love of the show. It was great to see the turn out.

Another panel that I loved going to was the "My Little LGBTQ Pony" panel, where many bronies and pegasisters got up and shared how the show has helped them out with how they were and how the show has impacted their life. I actually went up twice and shared how the show reminded me that it's okay to be me, a heterosexual male that is feminine in certain aspects. Sure, I'm nothing like some of the people who went up and shared their powerful stories, but I just felt so relieved to share in a comforting environment.

As for things I bought, plenty of awesome stuff. A number of commissions (ponies and Mr. Saturn from Earthbound/Mother), some awesome prints, a CMC tie, and bunch of other little doo-das.

And lastly, I ran into some amazing people, new and old. Let's see, where should I start? KK Slider, Regidar, totallynotabrony, Dana Simpson, ScrewLoose, Purple Tinker, LateCustomer, Rat Of Drawn, Ponywise, horizon, DarkFlare, Pika Petey, Prof. Sam Miller, Duster Dawnhorse, Kukki-chan, Ashley Nichols, Kaji-Uma, and many more amazing people up there. It was great to see you all up there.


On the way home with Josh Meihaus from San Fran, I was stupid, did not pay attention to where my hand was, and closed the door on my finger. Here's an image if your interested in seeing what happened: fair warning, it's not exactly pretty. So what does this mean? It means I will be out of writing for a bit. In fact, typing this just now is extremely painful on it. But, I will try my best to get something written because thanks to talking with people at the con, I've gotten a lot more inspiration to write. With some luck, I'll have 'Wonderful' uploaded at least by Friday, if not sooner. Sorry for the inconvenience, I shall do my best to get something up for all of ya'll, I promise!

And I know I still have the review to write about "Trade Ya". I'll get that done when I can.

  • Listening to: "Look On Down From The Bridage" by Mazzy Star
  • Watching: Archer
  • Playing: Earthbound
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper



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