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September 17, 2012
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Float On
Written By Closer-To-The-Sun (Joseph Noblit)

It was a pleasant and sunny day in Ponyville, perfect weather for the traveling carnival to visit the small town. Ponies of all ages were at the enjoying the many wonders that the fair had to offer. From rides and shows to food and games, everypony present were having fun. And for one particular purple and green dragon, this was true.

Given the day off from Twilight Sparkle, Spike was happily walking around to the different booths, taking in the different aromas of the food, looking at the various shows, or whatever the booth might be showcasing. With a large pretzel in one claw and a string to a pink balloon in the other, the baby dragon was having a wonderful day.

Making is way to an empty area of the fair grounds, Spike found a tree, under which he planned to finish his snack before returning back to the library. "Honestly, Twilight doesn't know what she's missing! This carnival is amazing!" Spike spoke to himself, taking a huge bite of his pretzel. "And the food is incredible!"

"Yup yup!" a very cheery voice replied along with the head of a pink pony.

The sudden surprise of company caused Spike to drop the snack and release his grip on the string.

"Hiya, Spike!" the pony greeted the dragon, revealing her whole pink body along with her messy mane and tail. While it was odd that balloons were tied to her limbs, it wasn't exactly strange for Pinkie to do something of the sort.

The dragon let out a sigh of relief, "Oh, thank goodness it's just you, ya really startled me, Pinkie Pie." He placed one of his claws on his chest over his heart.

Pinkie giggled, "Hee hee, sorry Spikey! What'cha doin' way over here? The fun stuff is over there!"

"I was going to finish my pretzel, but I guess I won't be doing that anymore," Spike said with a hint of crestfallenness in his voice, looking down at his half-eaten treat.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Spike! I didn't mean for that to happen! I just figured that I could come on over and see you and stuffs! And show off my balloons!" Pinkie said as she showcased the balloon strings tied to her hooves, two on each hoof, "I feel like I could just float away!"

"Balloons? Hey, where did my balloon go?" the dragon realized that he wasn't holding on to the cord that was attached to his balloon.

"Is that it?" the mare pointed up to the canopy of the tree. Spike's eyes followed the hoof and saw that his balloon was caught up in the branches of the tree, barely staying under the protection of the tree's leaves that kept it from floating away.

"Oh, Celestia…." Spike mumbled as he went over to jump up and grab the string of the balloon. However, he had no luck.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to let go of your balloon either," Pinkie apologized again.

The dragon gave a sigh before jumping up again, "It's not your fault, I'm just too short to get it."

For a few more moments, Pinkie Pie watched a few more of Spike's attempts to get his balloon back. Each time, he missed the cord completely.

"I got it!" the pink pony proclaimed.

"Got what?" Spike asked before jumping up again.

"I shall get your balloon!"

Spike gave a puzzled look to the mare, "Huh?"

Before he knew it, Spike was hanging on to all eight of Pinkie's multi-colored balloons that were previous tied to her limbs. Spike clung tightly onto the balloon strings to not let them float away, but also because he felt that at any moment, the balloons would cause his small body to drift away.

"Now, hang on to those balloons while I hop up into the tree get your balloon back!" Pinkie boldly stated as she turned to assess how she was going to climb the tree.

"Uh, Pinkie? Ya really don't have to," Spike insisted, not only because he didn't want her to get hurt, but also because he was afraid that the balloons would carry him away if he held them any longer.

"Nonsense! I'll be back down in two shakes of your scaly tail!" the pony began her quick climb.

Spike was too nervous to actually shake his tail, in fear that he would lose his grip on the balloons.

Shimmying along the main branch towards the balloon, Pinkie had a smile on her face, "Getting close! Just a bit more." She inched closer and closer to the prize, even swiping at it a few times, but to no success. "Tricky little balloon!" Finally, it went out of her reach as she bumped it forward, out from under the canopy of trees and drifting off into the wind. A sad expression appeared on the pink pony's face.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get the balloon, Spike," Pinkie said when she returned to the ground. Her ears were flat against her head. It really seemed that she was troubled that she failed her self-imposed goal.

The baby dragon took note of such and tried to comfort the pink pony, "Uh, no worries, Pinkie Pie. I mean, you did try, and that's all I can really ask, right? That's what Twilight keeps telling me when I mess up."

A smile returned to the party pony's face, "Aww, thankies, Spikey!" She wrapped her front limbs around the baby dragon. With the sound of surprise, Spike accidently let go of all of Pinkie Pie's balloons he was desperately clinging on to. Pinkie seemed to have noticed this, to which she quickly grabbed the cord of one of the balloons before it flew too far off.

Watching the rest of the balloons drift off, Spike felt awful, "Oh no….sorry about that, Pinkie. Guess I messed up again…."

"Messed up? Silly, that's what I wanted to do!" Pinkie cheerfully stated as she patted Spike on the head with her spare hoof.

"Come again?"

"I got those balloons to let them free! I love to watch balloons float on into the unknown, and you got to help me today! Thank you!" the smile on Pinkie's face seemed to be impossibly big, even by Pinkie's standards.

"Oh….um, okay…." the dragon was confused about both what she meant and what to say, "uh….you're welcome?"

"And to say thanks, I say we get some candy!"

"I like that idea!" Spike said with an eager smile.

"But first!" Pinkie interjected.

"But first?"

With a giggle, Pinkie Pie tied the balloon she plucked out of the air to one of Spike's wrists, "There, now you can do it as well later today! Just don't float away on me!"

“Don't worry even if things end up a bit/Too heavy we'll all float on, alright.” –Modest Mouse, “Float On”

Quick, what do you get when you have me who needs to do laundry, a sleeping roommate, and a desire to do something productive? Answer: a one-shot ship fic. With the help of my awesome friend Victoria, she pitched a SpikeXPinkie idea to me (earlier today) and I ran with it. Wanna know why balloons? Because I have got everyone addicted to FraGmentD's song "Balloons In My Basket" and it easily gets stuck in one's head. Anyway, enjoy.

Title: Float On
Premise: Spike is having a wonderful time at the carnival. Yet, the presence of one pony can change things for the....weird?

The title of this short story is taken from the song "Float On" by Modest Mouse, from the album 'Good News for People Who Love Bad News'.
All characters belong to My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was made for television by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Written by :iconcloser-to-the-sun:
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Tenrahsoj Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
This was a fun little story. I thought you said 'Spike was afraid he would float away' a few too many times, but that's a little thing.
TheDragonWarlock Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Not bad at all. Though when I heard you were writing a SpikePie fic, I thought it'd be another shipping one, but friendshipping is just as good.
Closer-To-The-Sun Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Originally, I had a plan to do a shipping, but I couldn't think of a plausible plot for the two. So I figured a short fun fic was the way to go.
TheDragonWarlock Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Aww man, well I could've helped out if you wanted.
Closer-To-The-Sun Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, hey, SpikeDash kind of ended on the same note.
TheDragonWarlock Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
True. So what's next now? Another DoctorDerpy story or something?
Closer-To-The-Sun Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Doc and Derp are done.
TheDragonWarlock Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Ah I see. So what's next then?
Closer-To-The-Sun Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No idea. I think I'm going to scrap one story and maybe focus my energy one one and try to get it done before Equestria LA
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DestinyDecade Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
A really good one-shot. Nice job my friend.
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